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Soil Finisher

The Soil Finisher is perfect for horse arenas, new construction soil finishing, seed bed prep, or leveling out any high traffic area with uneven terrain.

Dependable, Tough, and Ready for any Job

The Soil Finisher comes with options. It has a multitude of attachment capabilities, including most skid steers or equipment with a Cat1, Cat2, or Cat2 with a quick hitch 3-Point system.


Handles the Hard Work on the Site or on the Farm

Floating spike tube roller on all models
Maintains consistent, precise depth
Quick adjust depth control
Reinforced heat treated spikes mean real durability
Models available with 40", 76", and 85" working widths
Greaseless pivot points reduce maintenance
Maintains consistent, precise depth
Ability to float freely from skid steer (when Flex Link hitch is used)
Optimal visibility from vehicle seat

Cut Down on Labor, Increase Productivity

The floating roller can be locked out of the debris field if wet conditions persist and spike strip aerating is needed to dry out the area. The spike bar is fully adjustable so you can easily and consistently control the depth of cuts. The Soil Finisher also has a lateral flex side to side of 21 degrees in each direction. This allows for ease of use in the most uneven of terrain.

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The Soil Finisher comes with options.

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