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Vegetation & Sod Cutter

The Sod Cutter is cost friendly, built and designed to trench, run irrigation or electrical conduit, and clear vegetation from terrain.

Designed and Built in the Midwest

There are mounts for multiple types of equipment, and it's easy to operate, making your sod cutting jobs go smoother. This allows you to cut time in the field.


Heavy Duty for The Toughest Terrain

Depth of cut ranges from 1"-3.5"
Vertical coulter blades create an even cut
Laser clad cutting edges ensure long wear life
Side to Side flex operation for use in uneven terrain
Mounts to any one of our six hitches for Skid Steer or Three Point

Undercut vegetation from construction sites or cut traditional sod with your skid steer or 3-Point tractor. The Vegetation and Sod Cutter has adjustable depth of cut control ranging from one inch to 3.5" through pin adjustment of the gauge wheels. Its vertical coulter blades achieve a sharp cut through vegetation and sod, and the cutting edges following the blades are laser clad, ensuring long wear life and reliability. The Ground Effect center rubber torsion link provides side to side flex operation in uneven terrain, independent from the power unit. Using the weight of the power unit instead of a hydraulically powered shaker also reduces wear and tear on the Vegetation and Sod Cutter. This unit is designed to be durable and effective and can be attached to any size skid steer or any Cat. 1 and 2 three point hitch.

This is equipment you can tailor to your specific needs, lightening the load on your heaviest sod cutting and vegetation clearing jobs.

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The Vegetation & Sod Cutter comes with options.

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Have Questions? Give us a call!