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Sidewalk & Curb Edger

The Ground Effect Curb Edger is a 2 in 1 machine. It lets you grade dirt next to new pours, and even blade away soil and debris for quick seed preparation.

Cut Down on Labor, Increase Productivity

With interchangeable and reversible blades, the Curb Edger provides four different cutting edges, ensuring lasting performance.

A True No Hassle, Dual Purpose Machine

Quick and easy operation, saving time and money
Grade away soil and debris from newly poured slabs
Cut away vegetation from mature concrete edges
Can be flipped to operate on either side of the concrete surface
Provides an even and level surface perfect for landscape and seeding
Horizontal gauge wheel prevents gouging into the new concrete surface
Four different cutting edges make for long lasting durability

On newly poured slabs, just follow the concrete edge, either right or left with a quick flip of the cylinder clevis pin. Then blade away soil and debris for fast landscape and seeding preparation. The hydraulic tilt allows for precise control regardless of the angle of the power unit and blades are angular adjustable. The horizontal gauge wheel even prevents blade gouge into the concrete. The powerful 12" vertical gauge wheel maintains a constant blade "Dig" height of 1.5" from the concrete surface for a perfect finish. Just one bolt adds the Grass Edging Blade for cutting vegetation on mature concrete edges. This attachment also mounts to any one of our five different hitches ranging in size from standard size skid steers all the way down to Dingo style skid steers.

Cut down on your concrete and seed prep time with the Ground Effect Curb Edger. It's designed for quick and easy operation that decreases shovel time and helps you on the job.

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Have Questions? Give us a call!