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Soil Finisher
Soil Finisher
The Ground Effect Soil Finisher takes uneven terrain and levels it out, leaving a finished look. From Preparing seed beds to smoothing out gravel parking lots, the Soil Finisher does the hard work for you.
Floating spike tube roller on all models
Maintains consistent, precise depth
Quick adjust depth control
Reinforced heat treated spikes mean real durability
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Curb Edger
Sidewalk & Curb Edger
The Curb Edger decreases hours of labor when it comes to new construction and pours. It also lets you blade away soil and debris for fast landscape and seeding prep. It's built tough, saving you time and money.
Grade away soil and debris from newly poured slabs
Cuts away vegetation from mature concrete edges
Lets you prepare level surfaces for landscape and seeding
Four different cutting edges or long lasting durability
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Sod Cutter
Vegetation & Sod Cutter
Our Sod Cutter is designed and built to take on the toughest jobs. For vegetation removal or sod resale, its adjustable depth control cuts down on the heavy work, reducing work hours and increasing productivity.
Adjustable depth cut
Even cuts with vertical Coulter Blades
Laser clad cutting edges ensure long wear life
Side to Side flex operation for any terrain
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